On The Issues


I'm a strong proponent of the bill of rights, in particular, the second amendment. Our right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed. I will fight to protect all of our rights, especially the second amendment.


I am Pro-Life. I believe in the sanctity of life at all stages. I will be a fierce protector of all innocent human life, including the unborn.


I place great value on working to keep our government as small in size as possible, without sacrificing service to the public. Our state can and should attract businesses, senior citizens, and relevant, qualified workers. Cultivating a lucrative environment for small businesses to build from is a key element.


Minnesota’s education system works best at the local level. Parents should be empowered to make their opinions known to legislators and school board members. By keeping educational decisions within local control, we will ensure the best possible outcomes for children in our communities.


Our community has been fortunate to have great leaders collaborating on transportation issues. I look forward to continuing efforts toward upgrading our roads and bridges. We need to keep addressing local traffic issues to improve commute times, keeping safety and ease of travel as top priorities.


Government cannot create wealth, it can only redistribute it. It’s not the government's money- it’s yours. You deserve leaders who recognize the importance of efficiency, accountability, and transparency in our state. Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states nationally. We need to develop tax policy that promotes a great environment for individuals, families, and businesses.